Important: Choose your bar schedule option

The season is about to begin and Amanda Cooper is working on the bartenders schedule. We have not heard from all members as to their intentions of being smart served certified or not. We need to hear from everyone ASAP. 

If you have taken the course on line and passed, send your receipts to Adam McDonald to be reimbursed and let Amanda and Jim Hines know that you passed the course. If you are planning on doing the course then let Jim know that that is your intention and please do it as soon as possible. If you would like to take the group training the let Jim know so that he can order the training kits soon. There are currently three people signed up to take the course. If you are doing your spouse's bar duties and have not already done so, let Amanda and Jim know. If you are not planning on bartending this year, then please let us know that as well so we can account for all members. If there is a period during the season that you know you will be unavailable to bartend please let Amanda know.

If you have your smart serve card and have not done so, please provide Jim with a photocopy. It is VERY important that we get the answers to these questions quickly, so please take the time to get back to us. 

Thank you all