Welcome to the Metcalfe Curling Clubwww.metcalfecurlingclub.com

We are a mixed club, run on a voluntary “share the work” format offering three sheets of ice, seven days a week with kitchen and bar facilities.

The following curling programs are set up and offered this season to members:

Fixed League, Monday and Tuesday Evenings, 6:45 and 9:00 PM (8 ends)
This is a competitive league playing on Monday and Tuesday evenings each week in 6 divisions, with overflow playing on Sunday afternoon/evenings. The teams are comprised of men, women or mixed and are permanent for the year playing towards the championship at the season’s end.

Wednesday Ladies Night, 6:45 and 9:00 PM (8 ends)
Teams are drawn approximately every 5 weeks with a new trophy offered each draw. Positions on the teams are assigned on a seniority basis.

Thursday Men’s Night, 6:45 and 9:00 PM (8 ends)
Teams are drawn approximately every 5 weeks with a new trophy offered each draw. Teams are drawn from those signed up on a seniority basis.

Friday Night Mixed, 6:15, 8:00, and 9:45 PM (6 ends)
Fun curling open to all members with the teams drawn every 5 weeks and a new trophy offered each draw.  If needed overflow is played on Sunday afternoons. The teams are usually made up of two couples with spouses playing on the same team.  It should be noted that players who are not part of a curling couple are definitely welcome.  The Entertainment Committee will have special theme nights publicized and a good time is had by all.


New for 2016-2017 is our Mixed Doubles League which on Sunday evenings at 4:45 and 5:45. Games are 6 ends and are intended to be played in one hour. A team may have one spare but each team must be composed of one male and one female player.

Day Time Curlers, Daytime
Please check the bulletin board on the lower level for information regarding this program. At the present time day time curling is run on Mondays and Thursdays.

The weekend! The day you can sleep in. This day is reserved for Bonspiels (Club, Inter-Club, Invitational and Rentals)

Club Bonspiels
These involve a full day of curling with lunch available in the kitchen and a potluck or catered meal before the winners are announced and the prizes distributed.  You may enter singly or as a team at minimal cost, to cover the cost of the prizes and are guaranteed at least two games.  The number often varies and will be determined by the number signed up to play.

A note regarding Pot Luck meals
We are fortunate to have many goods cooks within our membership.  When you are participating in these events you may be asked to provide a salad, entrée, or dessert etc. You should be providing 12 portions of whatever the item is.  This will ensure that everyone, including the volunteers, are well fed.

Inter-Club Bonspiels   
The inter-community relations have developed a few friendly rivalries.

Gamble Cup (Mixed), Broder Cup (Ladies),  and Merkley Trophy (Men)  These are competitive events held in November, January and February respectively between Metcalfe, Morrisburg, Russell and Winchester.  Entry by team is usual and the event moves from club to club each year.  Watch for the signup sheet.

Metcalfe/Russell   This is a very popular mixed competition with a game being played at each club. The high scorers then play a final game at the “Host” club which alternates each year. Watch for the signup sheet. Mixed teams are drawn from a hat to fill the positions. The people whose names were not pulled get first chance the following year.

Our newest friendly rivalry is with the North Grenville Curling Club – not on the ice but on the golf course.  Watch for more information in our Newsletter in April and May.

Invitational Bonspiels   Metcalfe hosts these events every year.   They are the Mushroom Spiel, Newfie Spiel and the Ladies Invitational.

Little Rocks for ages 7-12   Sundays 9:00 am to 10:30 am
Curlers and parent volunteers are involved with the teaching of our future curling members.  The basics are taught with an emphasis on fun.

Juniors for ages 12-19    Sundays 11:00 am – 1:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
This program has produced several winning teams of young curlers.  Two certified coach/instructors are present to provide instruction each week.

The Metcalfe Curling Club is available for rentals. You can rent our licensed club to have your own bonspiel, or rent the lounge for a meeting or a party.  Rentals for curling are only available from the end of October to mid-April.  Check the club calendar to see which dates are available for rental.

The cost of renting the club is as follows:
Daytime Lounge Rental (7 am to 5:30 pm) $250.00 plus HST
Evening Lounge Rental (6 pm to 1 am) $250.00 plus HST
Full Rental (lounge and ice) $400.00 plus HST

One bartender is included in the rental fee. Additional bartenders are charged at a rate of $25.00/hr plus HST. It is not permitted to bring alcohol into the club. If required, the club will supply kitchen staff to prepare dinner at a cost of approximately $17.00 per person (depending on meals chosen). For more information and who to contact check the Metcalfe Curling Club Website.

Now that you have decided to join our fun loving club your responsibilities are determined by the fact that this is a club “Of the people, for the people and by the people”, therefore, members must take on certain duties to aid in the running of the club.

  • All members are expected to tend bar 2 times during the season. You can sign up for your choice of days/evenings at registration. You must be Smart Serve certified in order to tend bar, which can be completed online and the club will reimburse your cost. However, if you do not want to tend bar you can pay a fee of $100.00 each year to be exempt. If you have to change your day to tend bar it is your responsibility to find another Smart Serve member willing to switch with you. You must inform the Bar Chairperson of the change.
  • All members will be expected to work in the kitchen for one shift, once during the season. This signup sheet will be at registration and posted at the kitchen and you will be able to choose the event you wish to work. The kitchen convenor for the event will contact you and let you know what time you will be needed. You may change your times with someone willing to switch but you must inform the Kitchen Convenor of the change. Since there are usually not enough kitchen duties to include all members, we also have a very active Decorating and Banquet Committee that you can help with.  Participation in decorating for an event will count as “kitchen duty”.
  • It is your responsibility (should you be unable to attend a game) to find a “Spare” or replacement for yourself from the list of spares for each draw and to inform your skip of the change.
  • You are requested to attend and exercise your voting rights at the two General Meetings held in the spring and fall. Any items of concern may be discussed at these meetings.
  • You are expected to pay all fees on time (new members have a grace period until December 1st to pay their annual fees) and to conduct yourself in a manner complimentary to the Club. 

Remember the winners always buy the losers the first drink. Be a good sport and return the favour.

For new members who have curled as an adult member at another club, seniority credit can be requested on a basis of one year seniority for every two years’ experience. Application for this should be made to the Draw Committee. Documentation of prior experience may be requested.

We also hold a Banquet after the end of the season. In addition to a fine meal and entertainment, the evening is also a celebration of the curling season with various presentations and the awarding of the league trophies.

Check out www.metcalfecurlingclub.com for more information. Look under “Events” for the Club Calendar and upcoming events.

Welcome, Good Curling and have a great year!