Broder Cup results

Thank you to Winchester for hosting an exciting Broder competition.

The team of Cherye Edgar, Carol Hall, Connie Kohler and Karen Girard came up against a strong Russell team in game one but came back to play an exciting second game against Morrisburg, keeping spectators on the edge of their seats.

The team of Linda Scrivens, Anne Craig, Wendy Reynolds, and Pat Ace defeated the Russell team in game one that went on to win the B final.

Metcalfe then defeated two very strong Winchester teams to bring home the Broder A Division trophy.

Congratulations to both teams for representing the club at this event.

35th Metcalfe Mushroom Madness Spiel Recap

The 35th Metcalfe Mushroom Madness Spiel (uninterrupted apart from the ice storm 20 years ago), is over for another year.

We had 24 teams, representing 11 different clubs, play 44 games over the 5 day spiel. 

Delicious mushrooms were served at every meal courtesy of Carleton Mushroom and our kitchen staff including:

Karen Girard and team on Wednesday Evening
Kelly Mitton and team on Thursday Evening
Sarah Dooley and team on Friday Evening
Wendy Morris and team all day Saturday and Sunday

Recipes were requested by many curlers including this one you can try at home:

Music and dancing were courtesy of Metcalfe’s own Diamond Heart on Saturday night, although we got a late start on those festivities.  The last game on Saturday didn’t finish till 10:00 pm.

Thanks to all Metcalfe volunteers who supported the spiel by decorating, bartending or cooking.

The Metcalfe hospitality was remarked upon and appreciated by all curlers, and many promised to return again next year.

Thanks go out to Nanette Fliesser for a great job!

And the Winners are:
"A” Winner 
Andrew Bugg – Rideau, Veronica Carpani, Gerry Mann, Marissa Rodrigues

“A” Runner-up
 Rick Takahara - Carleton Heights, Diane Burgess, Brian Walsh, Nerine Waldron

“B” Winner 
Minh Nguyen - RCMP, Marc Ladouceur, Laila Martin, Jessica Lee

“B” Runner-up 
Phil Letendre – Navan, Pascale Letendre, Sebastien Morrisette, Alicia Krolak

“C” Winner 
Sharon Windsor – Navy, Mike Beebe, Shelley Whitney, David Windsor

“C” Runner-up 
Mike Loewen – Ottawa, Laurie Murray, Tom Peterson, Anne Peterson

“D” Winner 
Norm Murchison – Navy, Ruth Buckland, Dave Johannsen, Julie Maxted

“D” Runner-up 
Stephane Morrissette – Navan, Arlene Kelly, Martin Charron, Sylvie Guillotte