UPDATED: Looking to learn to curl or for a refresher course? The Metcalfe curling clinic October 28

The new ice is hardening as you read this. The curling season is less than two weeks away. This has you thinking thoughts:

Do you know if you can still bend down and throw a rock?
Do you need a refresher on scoring or etiquette?
Need some practice before you venture out on the ice?

The annual Metcalfe curling clinic takes place on October 28 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and can help new curlers learn the basics of the sport and learn to slide, throw and sweep. It can also give other curlers a chance to re-learn the fundamentals and have a chance to apply them before the season begins.

We always have room for more participants..

We will be serving WORLD FAMOUS chili for lunch that will keep you warm for your time on the ice! Please let Rob Kennedy know if you would like to participate! Email raken111@gmail.com

Still looking for Metcalfe Curling Club registration information?

We've held a couple of registration events already but understand that some people may not have been able to make it. Others still may be looking forward to the Roar of the Rings and are thinking "this is the year I'd like to try curling!"

Well, even if you weren't able to meet up with us in person, there is still time to register for the upcoming year. And remember, your registration fee gets you access to multiple leagues.

If you'd like more information about registration, please fill out this form and someone will get in touch with you soon.