Summer training

As we sail through days of 30 degree plus weather, it's important to remember that soon, this awful weather will be replaced by more magical -30 degree weather and, more important;y, curling season.

So what can you do during the summer to prepare for the upcoming season? There are a number of things:
  1. You could reverse hibernate (also known a cryogenic preservation).
  2. You could try some new kind of beer.
  3. You could head to the summer site of the Dalhousie Lake Curling Club and test out its summer surface.
  4. You could order the Beachbody Insanity workout series to ensure come October your skip doesn't yell too loud at you for being a terrible sweeper.
  5. You could ignore every tip and just have a great summer knowing that curling is like riding a bicycle---once you've fallen down you want to kick it repeatedly and never do it again.